It`s been a while since I did a little podcast of my own. How back am I? Not sure. Not sure how often I will post a new show, but it will definitely be a good one :-). Planning on uploading all of the previous show and linking the show to iTunes and other outlets to make it a lot easier to listen. As of right now, you can just click play and enjoy.

Andrea (IT) – Floating BERA – Untouchable (JYYE Remix)
Valiant Kings – We Were Young
Jeremy Olander – Panorama
Andrea Sobota – Bluecode (Extended Mix)
Proluction – Radiating Light
Taival – When Words End (Extended Mix)
Rick Pier O`Neil, Desaturated – Crouch (Matan Caspi Remix)
Mark Sherry, Gene Karz – Spacewarp (Dave The Drummer Remix)
Massiva – Safe
Max Julian, Bruno Kauffmann – You Will Always Be Alone (Jay Staff Remix)
Pablo Say – F#ck Withit (Diction Remix)
Eddy Malano – Karakul

You can also follow this podcast on Mixcloud and YouTube.

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